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Static Proxies

Static Proxy Solutions: World-Leading, Stable, Secure, and Precise.
The most stable and high-performing
Precise IP positioning
Suitable for multi-account management
99% uptime
Support both ISP and datacenter proxies
Top Static Proxy locations
50,000 IPs
7000 IPs
5500 IPs
Hong Kong, China
5000 IPs
5000 IPs
5000 IPs
3500 IPs
Static Proxy Package
Static ISP Proxies—Optimal Performance and Global Coverage
PYPROXY's Static ISP Proxies provide users with a stable and high-speed internet access experience. They represent the ultimate solution for account management and network access. We offer the widest geographical coverage and the fastest, most stable 100% compliant ISP proxy pool on the market.
Billed by IP amount
Real residential network
Cover 50+ countries and regions
Provide dedicated IP addresses
Dedicated Datacenter Proxies—Efficient Large-Scale Data
Extraordinary performance, exceptional experience! PYPROXY's dedicated datacenter proxy brings you the most outstanding proxy solution. Whether it’s for large-scale data processing, high-frequency access, or needing high-speed connections, our dedicated dedicated datacenter proxy meets all your needs.
Billed by IP amount
High-frequency access
High speed and stable connections
Provide dedicated IP addresses
Which Proxy Type Suits You Best?
Type Anonymity Geographic Coverage Speed and Stability Protocol Applicable Scenarios
Static ISP Proxies ISP IP High 50+ Medium to High HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 Tasks requiring authentic and credible geo-positioning.
Dedicated Datacenter Proxies Datacenter IP Medium to High 20+ High HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 Tasks requiring large-scale data processing and high-frequency access.
Experience the Boundless Possibilities of Static Proxies!
Our static proxies bypass geo-restrictions, protect your privacy, and elevate your online experience to astonishing heights! These proxies offers exceptional performance and high anonymity, providing you with outstanding internet access speed and unparalleled privacy protection.
Static ISP Proxies
Offer stable, authentic proxy services, suitable for applications requiring consistency and traceability.
Dedicated Datacenter Proxies
Provide high-performance proxy connections, making you enjoy fast network access from datacenters.
Work with top proxy provider
PYPROXY is one of the most popular proxy providers in market. We believe that it's your success that makes us succeed. Therefore, we'll keep working on our recources and service to provide our customers with premium proxy products.
500k users
200+ companies
50+ partners
6 subsidiaries
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