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More customers.
E-commerce brands can obtain traffic and expand customer sources by posting a large number of posts on social networking platforms. Various news portals, social media, and popular apps are all fields that brands pay great attention to.
Efficient data collection.
E-commerce practitioners not only collect consumer preferences, characteristics, and behaviors through web crawler,but also monitor competitors' products, prices, and publicity platforms in real time. Market trends and hot news are also the first-hand information they try to obtain.
Powerful data analysis.
E-commerce can analyze user portraits to adjust product strategies. Track competitormovements and make differentiated promotion plans. Monitor traffic sources and control distribution channels.Comprehensive and accurate analysis helps e-commerce companies seize business opportunities one step ahead.
The surgent growth of E-commerce
More widespread popularity, more intensified competition and more international trade
How does e-commerce occupy half of the business world?
E-commerce, as a brand-new business model in the Information age, has now become fully popularized. With the advantages of computer and Internet, e-commerce has unparalleled competences in the fields of customer acquisition, data collection and statistics.
Why proxy solutions are irreplaceable for e-commerce?
Every online business deserves quality proxies.
Obtain more customers
Arrange multi-channel traffic sources at the same time
Possible challenges
Many social websites have made certain regulations on the number of posts from one IP. If you exceed the allowance specified by the website, your posts may get deleted and even have the risk of banning account.Social platforms usually have a limit on the number of new clients added each day, and many have geo-restrictions.
Proxy solutions
Massive IP resources are available for users to change IPs at any time, and they can post more advertisements without worrying about being blocked by the website. Another advantage of proxy is that it can hide the real IP and disguise as an ordinary user for business promotions.
Accelerate access to geo-restricted data
Imitate local users and combine with powerful proxy server to enjoy access priority
Possible challenges
The website will monitor the IP address and limit the page content displayed in different regions. Cross-border networks are more likely to experience congestion or failure.
Proxy solutions
Obtain the privileges of local visitors by switching to a residential IP. Generally, the proxy server has a buffer function and has a large storage space. You can use the ISP proxy server to access the target website, save bandwidth, and significantly improve access speed and efficiency.
Securely and stably collect competitor pricing
No worries about being detected as a suspicious visitor
Possible challenges
Most websites track the IPs of their competitors, often block their IPs outright, or even provide competitors with inaccurate and misleading data. Pricing information varies by site, geography, and even the same supplier may change prices based on country or currency.
Proxy solutions
The proxy can be used as a firewall proxy server to protect the security of the local area network. When you visit a website with a proxy, you will look like a local buyer and get you the standard price. In addition, you will have access to every product in the online store unless it's out of stock.
25M+ active IPs
Perfect Proxy Solution
25M+ active IPs updated every day with 99.9% success rate.
ISP Proxies
100K+ exclusive static residential proxiesare hosted in data center servers but carry real residential IPs assigned by ISP.
Lower blocking rate
Highly anonymous
Unlimited traffic & domains
Top speed & bestperformance
Long sessions & 99.9% uptime
Rotating Residential Proxies
90M+ real residential IP addressesin 190+locations, safe & non-recurring high quality proxy service.
Unlimited concurrent sessions
Rotating proxy network
API call frequency: 1s
Less blocking
Highly anonymous
Custom Service
Provide best-matched IP solutions to diversified demands and targets. Strong technical support allows you set functions flexibly.
Gigabit high-speed bandwidth
Exclusive proxies
Long sessions & 99.9% uptime
Custom pricing
Professional support team