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SEO Monitoring
Accurate collection of SERPs with proxies, find business opportunities and optimize SEO strategies to rank your website higher than any competitor.
Accurate, localized data sources.
Focusing on SERP rankings from different geo-locations is critical to developing an effective SEO strategy, and SEO monitoring often requires globally di stributed IP proxies capable of city-level targeting
Monitor competitor behavior.
Your competitors may be using differentiated search keywords and phrases to continuously gain traffic, or even collecting customer preferences through crawlers to predict market trends, but your IP may be banned just because you click a few times on a competing website.
Optimizing keywords by analyzing real-time data for saving costs.
Quickly collect SERPs, combine popular articles, popular product titles, keywords, descriptions and links to create high-quality content that can efficiently lead organic traffic from search engines.
The essences of SEO Monitoring
Define the problems, search the environments and learn from competitors.
What makes a SEO strategy successful?
SEO is the intent of improving the visibility and ranking of web pages in SERPs. Staying at the top of SERPs is a challenge for many brands, especially under the pressure of ever-changing user tastes, search engine rules, and competitor actions. This is why a strategy that can lead SEO to success becomes crucial.
How proxy solutions make SEO so easy?
Skyrocket your SEO rankings with proxies.
Prevent IP bans
Want to get everything with a single IP? It's not that simple
Possible challenges
Real-time monitoring of SERPs or competitors with the same IP or data center IP address can easily get the target website's attention and get banned.
Proxy solutions
Globally distributed residential IP pools, rotating IP for each request, highly anonymous and not easy to be detected.
Unlock geo-blocking
Want to achieve long-distance international trade, have you considered the reviews of your target audience?
Possible challenges
Data may vary by country, city and various devices. Many websites restrict access to certain geographic areas. How to receive information that is accurate and close to the target audience?
Proxy solutions
City-level located residential IP or ISP proxy with high-speed, stable operation and high anonymity help you get first-hand market data.
Track competitors' movements
SEO ranking has gradually become an inevitable battlefield for online business.
Possible challenges
You have done a lot of keywords advertising, but the SERP ranking is still inferior to that of competitors whose advertisements are already spread all over the Internet.
Proxy solutions
Use proxies to monitor what a website (or SERP) looks like in your target market, check your SERP keywords and compare them to your competitors'.
25M+ active IPs
Perfect Proxy Solution
25M+ active IPs updated every day with 99.9% success rate.
ISP Proxies
100K+ exclusive static residential proxiesare hosted in data center servers but carry real residential IPs assigned by ISP.
Lower blocking rate
Highly anonymous
Unlimited traffic & domains
Top speed & bestperformance
Long sessions & 99.9% uptime
Rotating Residential Proxies
90M+ real residential IP addressesin 190+locations, safe & non-recurring high quality proxy service.
Unlimited concurrent sessions
Rotating proxy network
API call frequency: 1s
Less blocking
Highly anonymous
Custom Service
Provide best-matched IP solutions to diversified demands and targets. Strong technical support allows you set functions flexibly.
Gigabit high-speed bandwidth
Exclusive proxies
Long sessions & 99.9% uptime
Custom pricing
Professional support team