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Static ISP Proxies Pricing

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Reliable IP resources
We have long-term friendly cooperate with various ISPs worldwide to provide users with high-quality ISP proxies. We're working on more countries and ISPs to satisfy our customers' business needs.
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Practical Proxy Features
If you are satisfied with some IPs, you can renew them before they expire to continue to use them. You can also export the IPs you've bought to check your orders and available IPs.
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Customized Proxy Packages
If you don't find the proxy package you want, you can contact our customer service to ask for a customized package. We will give you advice on proxy package according to your needs.
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Premium Customer Service
Customers' satisfaction is our top priority. It's your support that makes us one of the most popular proxy providers. We're always here to support you. We believe your success is our success.
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Proxy Use Cases
Social Media Management
Register and manage multiple Facebook, instagram, or other social media accounts with static and dedicated IPs. These proxies can guarantee a stable network environment in certain country for your accounts.
Monitor search results from different search engines to improve your ranking. Use proxies to collect real search results in different regions and analyze the website traffic and keywords.
Brand Protection
Verify ads and detect the faulty ones to protect your brand reputation. Maximize your every advertising dollar. Collect reviews and press or social media mentions of your brand on the Internet to learn about your brand image.
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