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Static Proxies

High-quality proxies facilitate growth opportunities for various types of businesses.
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Dedicated Datacenter Proxies
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Reliable Datacenter Servers
PYPROXY deploys datacenter servers in various locations worldwide, which make sure we can get premium resources in certain regions. The Internet speed and connection will be improved in this way.
Premium servers
Clean proxies
Stable Internet access
Fast connection
Practical Proxy Features
If you are satisfied with some IPs, you can renew them before they expire to continue to use them. You can also export the IPs you've bought to check your orders and available IPs.
Export IP list
IP renew available
Customized IP amount
Country selection
Customized Proxy Packages
If you don't find the proxy package you want, you can contact our customer service to ask for a customized package. We will give you advice on proxy package according to your needs.
More countries
Packs for enterprises
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Other requests
Premium Customer Service
Customers' satisfaction is our top priority. It's your support that makes us one of the most popular proxy providers. We're always here to support you. We believe your success is our success.
Teach to use proxy
Fix proxy problems
Solve basic tech questions
Customize proxy package

Reviews from our customers

Perfect for web scraping. I've used it for over three months and I'm satisfied with it. The most impressive thing is that they will take customers' advice and add the features you asked for. Great proxy provider ever!
If you want to choose a proxy service, pyproxy is a good choice. Nice product, nice service. I like it a lot. Thumb up.
We've had excellent cooperation with pyproxy. I'm glad my friend recommended it to me, which proves to be a correct suggestion. It can be integrated with my tool perfectly. We'll work with pyproxy for a long time.
PYPROXY has high-quality IP pool. And its price is not high, which benefits us a lot. They keep adding more IPs and more countries. Very good provider.
I had problem configuring proxies at first. The customer service helped me to fix it and teach me how to customize it. I'm so happy I found pyproxy.
I use proxy to manage social media accounts. I tried many proxy providers, and it proves pyproxy is my best choice. Their static ISP proxies are terrific. I renew the IPs every month. My accounts perform well with their proxies.
PYPROXY's unlimited proxy is a great innovation. I'm very satisfied with it. I even ask for a customized package, with higher bandwidth. It'll definitely cost more to customize a plan, but it's totally worth it.
It's very easy to learn how to use pyproxy. And I like the city selection feature, which many providers don't have.
Cool product, pyproxy! More and more types of proxies, more and more useful features. How lucky I am that I choose you. Promise me you'll be better!
I've known pyproxy for a long time. I've been with it when it was a new product. It's like watching a baby growing. And it's so grateful that it's becoming better and better. Good luck, my child. We all have bright future.

Proxy Use Cases

Social Media Management
Register and manage multiple Facebook, instagram, or other social media accounts with static and dedicated IPs. These proxies can guarantee a stable network environment in certain country for your accounts.
Protect online privacy
Manage multiple accounts
Content localization
Monitor search results from different search engines to improve your ranking. Use proxies to collect real search results in different regions and analyze the website traffic and keywords.
SERP results monitoring
Keywords ranking tracking
Competitor analysis
Brand Protection
Verify ads and detect the faulty ones to protect your brand reputation. Maximize your every advertising dollar. Collect reviews and press or social media mentions of your brand on the Internet to learn about your brand image.
Infringement detection
Review analysis
Ad fraud prevention