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Residential Proxies

Real residential IPs effortlessly bypass geographic restrictions and access blocks, providing crawlers with a stable, efficient web scraping experience.
Coverage in 190+ countries/regions
Unlimited session requests
High-quality IP pool
What is a Residential Proxy?
Residential proxies are highly anonymous network proxy services that simulate real residential network environments,offering users secure and reliable network access and data transfer capabilities.Residential proxies use real residential network connections and IP addresses as proxy servers, ensuring users’ anonymity and privacy protection on the network.
Top Residential Proxy locations
47,268,060 IPs
2,138,920 IPs
1,616,220 IPs
1,520,080 IPs
United States
1,293,640 IPs
1,034,820 IPs
905,340 IPs
Residential Proxy Package Options
Rotating Traffic Proxy
Prices as low as $0.7/g
Automatic rotating proxy
Unlimited concurrency
Support rotation and sticky sessions
Specified ISP, city-level targeting
Batch proxy
Unlimited Proxy
Unlimited traffic
Continent selection available
Customizable bandwidth
High cost-effectiveness
Static Residential Proxy
Exclusive proxy
Unlimited concurrency
Multiple region selection
Various subnets
High cost-effectiveness
SOCKS5 Proxy
Billed based on IP usage
Specified country, region, city
Specified ISP, postal code
Option to select IPs
API extraction
Flexible Residential Proxy Plans
Choose the right plan for a smooth and efficient network experience.
Rotating Residential Proxies - Practical proxy features
Choose rotating residential proxies for practical proxy functionality! Target proxies accurately by country, region, and city. Support bulk IP generation, specify ISPs, and provide blacklisting, whitelisting, and domain blocking. Meet diverse proxying needs with flexible and precise control and management.
City-level geolocation
Bulk proxy generation
Black/white list access
Traffic history monitoring
Unlimited Proxies - Unlimited traffic, flexible customization
Enjoy unlimited traffic without worrying about exceeding limits. We provide a large IP pool of 1.5 million real-time online IPs and continuously optimize resources to ensure stable network connections. Simultaneously supporting ultra-high concurrency and customized bandwidth, we can flexibly meet your needs.
Enjoy unlimited traffic
Flexibly customizable bandwidth
Unlimited concurrency and sessions
Continent selection feature
Static Residential Proxies - Stable connectivity, efficient proxy
We offer the broadest geographical coverage worldwide, over 50+ countries and regions, with an active pool of 180,000 IPs boasting 99% availability. Our IP pool is continuously expanding. You can confidently engage in proxy activities using these IP addresses without worrying about business interruptions caused by IP changes.
High-speed stable connections
Normal operational uptime of 99.9%
Dedicated exclusive IP addresses
High-quality network operators
SOCKS5 Proxy — Pay-as-you-go, precise IP selection
Our SOCKS5 proxies are billed based on IP consumption, offering you a more flexible choice. You only pay for the actual number of IPs used, avoiding resource waste and achieving cost optimization. We also provide a dedicated S5 client for easy configuration and management of proxies, enabling a personalized proxy experience.
Billing based on IP consumption
Convenient client for easy operation
Freedom to choose IP binding
API for bulk extraction
Why Choose PYPROXY Residential Proxies?
High cost-effectiveness
PYPROXY is committed to providing you with cost-effective proxy services to meet your needs and save costs.
Intuitive settings
We offer an easy-to-use settings interface, allowing you to easily configure and manage the proxy environment. Without complex operations, you can quickly set up and start the proxy, saving time and effort.
Unlimited concurrent sessions
Our proxies support unlimited concurrent sessions, allowing you to perform multiple tasks or connections at the same time. This means you can efficiently handle large-scale data scraping, parallel testing, or other tasks requiring multiple simultaneous operations.
Work with top proxy provider
PYPROXY is one of the most popular proxy providers in market. We believe that it's your success that makes us succeed. Therefore, we'll keep working on our recources and service to provide our customers with premium proxy products.
500k users
200+ companies
50+ partners
6 subsidiaries
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