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Market Research
Use proxies to overcome your data collecting hurdles and uplift your market research
Recognize and define market.
Demands, range, scale and model.
Develop methods.
Observation, test, interview and questionnaire.
Design process.
Time, people, work, search and results.
Collect data.
Use products and service from PYPROXY to accelerate.
Data analysis.
Brainstorm, computer and discussion.
Report and presentation.
PPT, word, website, publication and speech
Action go!
The importance of Market Research
Deepen your understanding of the market so as to plan the best positioning strategy.
How to stand out in the ever-changing business world?
First step of all business is to do market research. Whether developing a new product or entering a new market, market research is the starting point for a successful business plan. You can collect and analyze information by conducting market research, and then formulate effective and implementable business strategies, so as to achieve your business plan step by step, steadily and orderly.
How proxy solutions contribute to Market Research?
Skyrocket your SEO rankings with proxies.
Apply proxy into data collection
Don't collect data on a large scale manually! Use the web crawler or scarping tools to save your time and effort.
Possible challenges
Once a robot like a web crawler generates a large number of site visits in a short period of time, the target site can easily capture it and ruthlessly block it, leaving you in a mess.
Proxy solutions
Rotating human-like residential proxies can offer a help. Proxies are like shields for your IP address. When you use a proxy, the websites you visit see the IP address of proxy, instead of yours.
Get access to geo-restricted content
Imitate real local users to request website sessions or login APPs.
Possible challenges
It would be unfortunate if the optimal data is not available due to geo-restrictions. Sadly, an unfamiliar and unusual IP can often cause websites to block your IP address or even send you fake outdated messages.
Proxy solutions
Try to let the website recognize your visiting IP address as a regular customer, this will be where the proxy IP comes in, it is necessary for you to use the support of the IP pool widely distributed around the world.
Connection speed depends on your choice of proxy
There are many proxy providers in the market, but not all of them know your detailed needs.
Possible challenges
Market is changing so fast that you need to keep up with market changes day and night, otherwise you might collect outdated and redundant information if you are not careful.
Proxy solutions
A quality proxy is fast, reliable, and provides 99.9% uptime. There are no delays, no interruptions, and useful data is just pouring in —— this is what an ideal proxy service looks like.
25M+ active IPs
Perfect Proxy Solution
25M+ active IPs updated every day with 99.9% success rate.
ISP Proxies
100K+ exclusive static residential proxiesare hosted in data center servers but carry real residential IPs assigned by ISP.
Lower blocking rate
Highly anonymous
Unlimited traffic & domains
Top speed & bestperformance
Long sessions & 99.9% uptime
Rotating Residential Proxies
90M+ real residential IP addressesin 190+locations, safe & non-recurring high quality proxy service.
Unlimited concurrent sessions
Rotating proxy network
API call frequency: 1s
Less blocking
Highly anonymous
Custom Service
Provide best-matched IP solutions to diversified demands and targets. Strong technical support allows you set functions flexibly.
Gigabit high-speed bandwidth
Exclusive proxies
Long sessions & 99.9% uptime
Custom pricing
Professional support team