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Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are built upon a pool of IP addresses sourced from professional datacenters, ensuring reliability and security. They offer a stable and secure network connection for data transmission.
Market-leading speed
Unlimited concurrency and sessions
Real-time monitoring and reporting
Flexible configuration options
What is a datacenter proxy?
Datacenter proxies are proxies that operate through connections to datacenter networks, leveraging the robust infrastructure and resources provided by the datacenter to offer proxy services to users. These proxies typically boast high speed, stability, and large-scale IP resources.
Exclusive Datacenter: Offers exclusive, dedicated IP addresses with long-term fixed connections. Users can have independent IP resources, enjoying highly stable and reliable proxy services.
rotating Datacenter: Offers shared IP resources of the datacenter, featuring a large IP pool with customizable session durations.
Top Datacenter Proxy locations
Hong Kong, China
5000 IPs
3500 IPs
3000 IPs
2000 IPs
2000 IPs
2000 IPs
1000 IPs
Flexible Datacenter Proxy Plans
Choose the right plan for a smooth and efficient network experience.
Exclusive Datacenter - Enjoy unlimited traffic for extensive data handling
Our dedicated data center proxies utilize high-speed internet connections and optimized transmission channels to achieve fast data transfer. They are capable of efficiently handling large-scale data with high concurrency processing capabilities, enabling real-time processing and analysis of massive data sets.
High-speed data transmission
Large-scale data storage
High concurrent processing capability
Unlimited traffic
Rotating Datacenter - Enjoy the advantages of rotating
Rotating data center proxies offer flexible IP rotation services by combining the flexibility of dynamic IP addresses with the stability of data centers. They provide fast and seamless internet connections for market research, competitive intelligence gathering, and accessing specific websites.
Billing based on traffic usage
Efficient data processing
Wide geographical coverage
Customizable rotation intervals
Which Proxy Type Suits You Best?
IP Resources Proxy Pricing Sticky Sessions Stability Business Price
rotating Datacenter Proxy Shared GB 30 minutes High website data collection, search engine optimization, social media management, etc. From $0.6/GB
Exclusive Datacenter Proxy Private Number of IPs Unlimited High e-commerce operations, financial services, enterprise data security, etc. From $1/IP
Why Choose PYPROXY's Datacenter Proxy
Exceptional Performance and Stability
Hosted on high-performance hardware equipment and optimized network environments.
Top-tier Datacenter Proxy Network
We offer the most stable datacenter proxy network service. Collaborating with top-tier IP providers globally, we provide proxy services with an outstanding success rate.
Highest Success Rate IP Provider
PYPROXY has partnered with top-tier IP providers worldwide to ensure the proxy network has the highest success rate.
Big data analytics and processing
Suitable for large-scale data collection and processing, providing efficient data solutions for enterprise users.
Work with top proxy provider
PYPROXY is one of the most popular proxy providers in market. We believe that it's your success that makes us succeed. Therefore, we'll keep working on our recources and service to provide our customers with premium proxy products.
500k users
200+ companies
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