What are ISP proxies?

When it comes to the categories of proxies, we usually talk about residential proxies, datacenter proxies and ISP proxies. Its easy to understand what residential and datacenter proxies are, but many people are confused about ISP proxies.


What is ISP proxies?

As we all know, residential proxies are real IPs assigned by Internet service provider to the end users, like a PC, a phone. And datacenter proxies are totally hosted on datacenter. ISP proxies are residential proxies hosted on a data center. They are associated with an Internet service provider, but doesnt involve end users. That make ISP proxies has both the benefit of datacenter proxies and residential proxies.


The benefit of ISP proxies

Residential proxies are known for its stability and datacenter proxies are preferred for their high network speed. ISP proxies get the benefits of data center network speed and the stability of residential IPs.

Proxy providers can produce multiple customized proxy packages because theyre hosted on data center, not real residential IPs, whose usage depends on the real end users. Therefore, you can ask the providers if they can make customized package for your special requirement.


Static ISP proxies or static residential proxies?

At first, proxy providers call it static residential proxies because theyre associated with real ISP. However, as time goes, more and more people call it static ISP proxies, which is more accurate. Many people used to be confused about these two names, which are actually the exact same thing.


Use Case

As it says above, ISP proxies combine the benefits of datacenter proxies and residential proxies, so they are ideal for a variety of tasks.


Web Scraping

One of the main use cases is web scraping. Web scraping always need a large scale of data, but the owners of the sites always set limit on the frequency of visiting. At this time, ISP proxies come into sight. They offer a fast, undetectable connection, which allows programmers to get as much data as they need.


Ad Verification

Some companies outsource advertising to other professional companies. If they want to check whether their partners are doing a good job, they will use proxies to check on web. For sure this demand a large scale of data and frequency visiting as well. So ISP proxies will be the best choice to do ad verification. In this way, they can be assured that the checking process is conducted properly and wont be affected by any IP problem.


Social Media Monitoring

Social media platforms rise rapidly nowadays. Some industries grow from these platforms. One of them is multiple accounts management. They may need to ten or more accounts on one PC. We all know that these social media platforms will track users IPs. If they find one IP created too many accounts, they may disable the accounts. Therefore, the business owners need proxy IPs to manage the accounts. Its important to choose a reliable proxy provider so that the account security can be assured.


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