How to get around an IP ban?

2023-02-16 10:04:32

There are always community rules online, such as some websites, games and apps. That’s made to remind people to behave properly online. If someone break the rules, the site can lock their IP and prevent them from visiting the site again. Yes, the site and the games you are visiting will track your IP and record it. They can even bind the IP with your personal information and device information.


Although many IPs are banned due to improper online behaviour, there are still many IPs be banned by mistake or other reasons. In that case, we need to find solutions to solve the problem. There are many solutions for get around an IP ban. We list some of them. You can check them below and choose one which suits you the most.


Wait for it to be unblocked

Most websites will lock one IP temporarily, like 24 hours or three days, if someone break their rules one time and it’s not very serious. Therefore, if you are not in a hurry, you can just wait for it to be unblocked and use it again afterwards. It’s actually the easiest and safest way to solve this problem, because it’s what the platform want you to do.


Ask for a new IP address

If you are unlucky that your IP has been banned forever, you have to change your IP to visit the site. IP addresses are assigned by the Internet service provider (ISP), so you have to contact them to change it. The IPs won’t change frequently if you’re using a residential IP. Actually, the IP is always fixed. If you want the ISP to change one for you, they may ask for some extra fees. Some may even deny your request. Then you have to find other ways to solve the problem.


Use a proxy server

When you use a proxy service, it’s the proxy server which send and receive data on behalf of you. In this case, the website you are visiting won’t detect your real IP. What the site can get is only the IP from the proxy server. In this way, your online behaviour and security can be protected.

However, there’s still risk. If your IP changes too often when you login one account, the site may recognize this as an abnormal behaviour and disable your account for some time, even forever. So you need to be sure what you use the proxy for and how long do you need your IP to stick.

There are many free proxy service online, most of them are not reliable. Setting up a proxy server cost a lot, so a reliable proxy service will charge for some money to maintain the business. Make sure what you need and search for a reliable proxy service will be the best choice.

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