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PY Proxy Manager

Fixed port forwarding settings

1.Start PY Proxy Manager

PY Proxy Manager information :

① Still Have - Remaining IP amount

② Local Proxy - Indicates the local Proxy address

③ Local IP - Indicates the local IP address

④ Account Information - Account name information

Tips: Please use PY Proxy Manager in non-mainland Chinese

2. After logging in to the account, filter the country/state/city, and click Start Proxy to obtain the IP address list of the target country

3. Right-click on an IP, click "Forward Port To Proxy", choose a port

4. Successfully bound, click “PortForwardList” check detailed proxy parameter

  Successfully bound, IP goes to “TodayList”, support clicking to rebind port

5. Let's take the AdsPower browser as an example to configure the proxy

6. Open AdsPower, click "New Profile" to create a new browser

7. Switch the Proxy type to Socks5, enter the local proxy and port

8. Select the account platform that needs an agent

9. Finally, run the created browser and you can see that it is also the assigned proxy

10. If you need to change the IP address of another country, click the "Stop Proxy" button, select the target country, and then click "Start Proxy", and then assign the proxy according to the above steps

Multiple port forwarding settings

If you open multiple fingerprint browsers, you only need to configure multiple ports. Enter the local IP and port in the proxy settings of each newly created "Fingerprint Browser".

*The corresponding port value (check in PortForwardList), you can complete the setting.

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