IPFighter: The ultimate IP score checker

2023-09-20 16:18:05

In today's digital age, where the internet is an indispensable part of our lives and more individuals are exploring online opportunities to make money online, your IP (Internet Protocol) address plays a significant role in your online task. 

That’s why you should always be cautious of your IP address quality, as it directly impacts your online activities. This is where IPFighter comes into play – the ultimate IP score checker that empowers you to take control of your online score.

What is IP score?

Before diving into the details of IPFighter, let's first understand the concept of IP score and why it holds such importance in the digital realm. An IP score is a measure of the trustworthiness assigned to an IP address based on various factors, including location, time, registration, and more. 

In short, it's a score that indicates the level of reliability of an IP address. You should also notice that each IP score rating tool will have a different measurement to rate the IP score.

Why do you have to check your IP score?

IP score is an indicator which represents the IP quality. Here are a few reasons why IP score checking is crucial:

1. Blacklist

If your IP address gets blacklisted by a website, you may find yourself unable to access or work on that site. Continuous captchas and restricted access are usually indicators of a blacklisted proxy.

2. Email deliverability

If you rely on email marketing or communication, an untrustworthy IP address can lead to your emails landing in recipients' spam folders. This can significantly impact your outreach efforts and business communications.

3. Website ranking

Search engines take IP quality into consideration when determining the ranking of websites in search results. An untrustworthy IP address can adversely affect your website's visibility.

4. Reliability

When you check the IP quality, you can see all information regarding the IP, such as IP location, time, registration, etc and see if it matches the information that the provider claims.

Understanding your IP score

Gaining a thorough understanding of your IP score is fundamental to effectively using it. Your IP score can be a flexible asset; for instance, if a lower-score IP address aligns with your preferred website's requirements, you can still use it effectively. On the contrary, if a high score IP address is blacklisted by the web you want to use, you still won’t be able to proceed with your tasks using it.

It's essential to recognize that the value of an IP address extends beyond its numerical score. The key to make the most of an IP address is not just knowing its score but also the problems associated with it. You should take a look at the problems with the IP address to find a suitable solution.

What is IPFighter?

IPFighter is an online tool that helps you to effectively monitor and manage your IP score. It's a user-friendly website designed to assist users in effortlessly assessing, analyzing, and receiving guidance on addressing issues related to their IP scores.

What information does IPFighter provide?

IPFighter provides details of your IP address and browser fingerprint, including:

  1. IP address: Country, City, Zip, Hostname, ISP, DNS, WebRTC, Mobile Connect, Proxy, Blacklist

  2. Browser fingerprint: Browser, Extended (WebGL, Canvas, Audio, Fonts, Client Rects), Timezone, Navigator, Language, Javascript, Flash, Activex, Java, Cookies, Screen, Plugins

Benefits of Using IPFighter

Here are some of the significant benefits you can enjoy by using IPFighter:

  1. Free service: First and foremost, it’s FREE. IPFighter is a free service that rates your IP score and provides you the detailed IP address and browser fingerprint at zero cost.

  2. Problem detection: Secondly, besides rating your IP score, IPFighter identifies specific issues (such as websites that have blacklisted your IP) and proposes solutions.

  3. Informative blog: Last but not least, the site also has a blog that’s packed with useful information regarding IP address. Regarding the proxy quality, there’s also a blog post “Proxy check: 5 things to consider when checking proxy quality” you can refer to.

How IPFighter works

Getting started with IPFighter is a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the web: By accessing IPFighter homepage, the site will automatically collect your IP address and browser fingerprint information, and evaluate your IP score.

  2. View score: Once accessed the site, you can instantly view your IP score and its associated data.

  3. Analyze the problem: Dive deeper into detailed reports to understand the factors influencing your IP score and how to solve them.

IPFighter: The ultimate IP score checker

It's as simple as that! With IPFighter, you can stay aware of your IP details and address any remaining issues.


Your online score matters, and so does the health of your IP address. With IPFighter, you have a powerful ally to help you maintain a positive IP score and ensure that your online activities are secure and trusted. 

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