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How long does an IP in a Rotating ISP Package last?

Two configuration methods

When configuring IP, there are two common methods: API method and username and password method.

·API mode configuration is an automated method that automatically rotates IP every 5 minutes. This method is suitable for users who need to change IP frequently, such as those who need to deal with crawler programs with anti-crawler mechanisms or users who need to protect privacy.

·Another way to configure is to configure with a username and password, select a sticky IP, and customize the rotation time range from 1-720 minutes. This method is more suitable for users who have requirements for IP stability, such as users who need to access certain websites stably for a long time or who need to stay online.

No matter which configuration method you choose, you need to choose it according to your own needs. If you need to change the IP frequently, you can choose the API method for configuration; if you have requirements for IP stability, you can choose the username and password method for configuration.

In short, different users have different needs, and choosing the appropriate configuration method can better meet their needs.


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