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PYPROXY Features

Stable & Efficient

Abundant bandwidth support business demands. Real-time speed can reach 1M-5M/s. 99% success rate guarantee data collection activities.

Unlimited Sessions

There is no limit to the number of uses or invocation frequencies of the proxies. You can generate huge amounts of proxies at one time.

Convenient Operation

Provide various API parameter configurations. Generate proxies by the method of username & password authentication, convenient and fast.

Safe & Anonymous

Get highly anonymous real residential IPs and your privacy safety completely protected. Your real network environment won't be acquired at any time.


PYPROXY Advantages

Super-High Concurrency

Exclusive high-performance server requests access in real residential addresses, maintains normal connection of the proxies. Unlimited concurrency reduces business cost and improves operation efficiency.

Quality IP Resources

Gather 90M+ real residential IPs in PYPROXY IP pools. Constantly updating IPs have access to geo-restricted content from specific locations around the world. Self-managed data nodes integrate network fast and efficiently.

Multiple Proxy Forms

Provide multiple proxy generating and authentication modes help to flexibly set elements of proxy. In account authentication, sessions, state and cities can be determined by adding according parameters.

Custom Service

Support customizing exclusive IP proxy plan according to scenarios. Gigabit high-speed bandwidth and extensible features available. Custom plan can provide traffic usage reports and trace traffic records.

Choose your needs

Perfect Proxy Solution

25M+ active IPs updated every day with 99.9% success rate.

ISP Proxies

100K+ exclusive static residential proxies are hosted in data center servers but carry real residential IPs assigned by ISP.

Top speed & best performance

Unlimited traffic & domains

Long sessions & 99.9% uptime

Strong anonymity & less blocking

Stable network connection

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Residential Proxies

90M+ real residential IP addresses in 190+ locations, safe & non-recurring high quality proxy service.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Highly anonymous

Rotating proxy network

Less blocking

API call frequency: 1s

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Unlimited Package

Unlimited traffic during the validity period, Real residential proxies from 190+ locations, high quality, anonymous and high speed.

Rotating residential proxies

API or user pass auth availableh

Random region designation

High anonymity and speed

Unlimited traffic

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PYPROXY IP Resources Regional Coverage

Covering 190+ countries and regions around the world. More than 25 million active IPs updated daily with 99% availability

United States
7,629,408 IPs
Great Britain
1,839,671 IPs
3,053,151 IPs
1,185,399 IPs
South Korea
175,406 IPs
4,360,047 IPs
180,809 IPs
1,946,725 IPs


Solve Your Usage Problems

You can search for answers to your questions here, or contact customer service

How to register? I didn't receive a verification email?
Click Sign Up and enter your email address. You will receive a verification email, please check your mailbox (maybe in junk mail box) and complete the activation process.
How to purchase plan?
After logging in, you can go to pricing page, select your best suit plan and click Buy Plan. At present, we accept payment methods of PayPal, WeChat and Credit Card.
How is the IPs-Amount Plan billed?
After successfully connecting to the proxy in the PY Proxy Manager, it is counted as one consumption from the successful connection to the proxy IP becomes invalid, and it is charged according to the number of consumed IPs.
Do you have any restrictions on IP usage?
Our proxy has no limitation on the number of requests or concurrent sessions, the API link extraction frequency is one time per second. If you have other additional needs, please contact customer service for assistance.
How to contact?
Please send an email to